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Re: HIE reveals 27m 'new vision' for CairnGorm Mountain Ltd
Date Posted: 12.54hrs on Thu 22 Nov 18
It does seem that Natural Retreats is now more or less completely disengaged from CairnGorm Mountain. There is a semi regular Funicular response group meeting to work on ideas for the hill and for promoting Strathspey as open, but NAIL are not engaged.

As per another forum and Facebook post we have been in discussions regarding restoration of the SSC Winterhighland webcams and it is clear that Natural Retreats are the obstacle.

NAIL have shutdown the ski school, costing 50 instructors jobs they believed they had for this season, the majority of CML staff have not worked / been paid since early to mid September, yet NAIL management see it as unreasonable that they should attend a response meeting about the situation....

This just highlights the practical problems of having removed much of the management and all directorships of CML from Scotland never mind Strathspey.

As stated at the A&GCT AGM earlier this month, the single most productive thing that can be done now to get skiers back to CairnGorm this season Funicular or no Funicular is that Natural Retreats are off the mountain before the season begins.

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