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Lecht 2022-23
Date Posted: 21.21hrs on Tue 27 Dec 22
What on earth is going on at the Lecht this season?
Sadly James McIntosh died earlier this year, which was always going to be a big loss to the centre. The only remaining piste basher operator was sacked and other long term (year-round and seasonal) staff don't want to work there again.
I heard that the few remaining staff have limited experience, which can be seen with the shambles of the last few weeks... loads of snow in Mid December and the centre remained closed for almost a week - nobody seemed to want to clear the road (a job shared with the council), car park uncleared for days amd eventually (after around a week) the grouse and travellator were finally opened. (Stsff were up there, as they could be seen on the webcam)
The 'pisting' was appalling - more like a ploughed field.
Now we are in the school holidays - peak season, and only eagle and grouse are opened with few customers on the hill. Other runs have had no effort made to even pack down/retain the snow.
The 'Harrier' lift doesn't appear to have a cable or electric motor and several of the 'sheave trains' are missing from pylons, so even if they wanted to, it can't operate.


What is worse is the lack of effort in attracting customers. Updates are few and far between -the last facebook update was before Christmas, often there are several days between snow reports - why would a family get up early to drive there if the Lecht can't be bothered even telling us what might open.
The buzzard webcam hasn't worked for months.

Pricing. There is no option for a family ticket, so 2 adults and 2 secondary age children will be 110 - for tomorrow, with 2 lifts open... (Glenshee has a family ticket for 100 for full area). No prices are on their website for ski hire.


The 27th December with a full cover (between the fences) of snow and 2 main runs are open, with approx 100 people skiing. In days gone by, all lifts would be spinning with a full car park.

Cairngorm gets a hard time from the public (and rightly so). Sadly the current lot running the Lecht seem to have the same work ethic and business sense.
So so sad to see.

They have prety much given up. We used to have season tickets, but have also given up on the Lecht.


Re: Lecht 2022-23
Date Posted: 20.36hrs on Thu 5 Jan 23
The Lecht have managed to get some more lift open, which is good for them. However this week there were queues of up to 40minutes for the grouse lift....

There was a post on Facebook (it appears to be deleted now) from Lecht management saying the chairlift cant open cos it needs an insurance inspection. Falcon has electrical cable fault and harrier needs new cable and motor. Apparently supply chain problems, however that lift has been without cable + motor and several wheels on the pylons for several years.
A former employee apparently removed the park features from the hill as they were owned by the ex employee and not by the lecht.

Lift pass prices last week were eventually reduced, however a standard day ticket for a family of 4 at the Lecht is around 110 - no specific family pass available, whereas Glenshee sells a family pass for their full area for 100...
Lecht should be cheaper, not only cos it is smaller but has a windmill to help reduce costs whereas Glenshee much bigger and uses generators to burn expensive diesel to power lifts.
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