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19th Feb 2021
Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 21.31hrs on Mon 30 May 11
While up on the Macdui plateau today I came across a lot of plane wreckage which I suspect could belong to one of the F15's which came down in 2002.

While I've come across small, isolated and sporadic pieces before, never anything in this quantity and in such a concentrated area, from small bits of metal to reasonably sized pieces and a lot of it.
This site was 1k further South West to where I normally discover wreckage.
Has anybody else come across this before?

I'll attach some pictures and if there's any aviation enthusiast out there you might be able yo identify some of the parts.

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Attachments: Plane wreckage Macdui 1.jpg (219kB)   Plane wreckage Macdui 2.jpg (215kB)   Plane wreckage Macdui 3.jpg (199kB)   Plane wreckage Macdui 4.jpg (198kB)   Plane wreckage Macdui 5.jpg (220kB)  

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19th Feb 2021
Re: Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 21.36hrs on Mon 30 May 11
It made me wonder if this was one of the initial impact sites.

Attachments: Plane wreckage Macdui 6.jpg (183kB)   Plane wreckage Macdui 7.jpg (214kB)  

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19th Aug 2019
Re: Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 18.15hrs on Sat 11 Jun 11
Surprisingly substantial pieces, considering the efforts put in that winter and spring to remove everything that could be found at the time.
Roughly whereabouts was this lot?


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13th Mar 2021
What's this?What's this?What's this?
Re: Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 08.51hrs on Sat 16 Jul 11
Surely not the f15s ? the wreckage looks much older.

Came across this Cheetah engine on Braeriach, Avro Anson perhaps ?

Attachments: cheetah engine.jpg (154kB)  

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12th Aug 2019
Re: Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 19.54hrs on Tue 19 Jul 11
Have you seen this website?

Mike in Edinburgh
Assorted scottish pics -


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24th Jan 2016
Re: Plane wreckage
Date Posted: 17.26hrs on Sun 24 Jul 11
My son was very interested in crashed planes in the hills and I accompanied him on many trips. Although the wartime one on Ben Macdui was NW of the summit, the site is extremely exposed to prevailing gales from the Atlantic and most of the ground is bare gravel without plants. Often from the late 1940s onwards I had seen bits of the wreckage over on the east side of the North Top and down the Snowy Corrie, and when I searched with my son in the late 1970s and early 1980s we found far more. It was obvious that they had been blown across, probably by winter gales and maybe with icy snow affording little friction as well as potentially obstructive boulders being covered by snow. The furthest piece we found was in a small lochan in a hanging corrie above Loch Etchachan, east of the long flat section of Garbh Uisge Mor with its pools, lochans and gravel beds. This was a flat sheet of metal lying on the bed of the lochan in the hanging corrie, and conspicuous from above when the sun was shining. A long way from the crash site at Allt a' Choire Mhoir!

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