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16th Apr 2021
Date Posted: 16.02hrs on Wed 14 Oct 15
Speaking personally, I'd love to see wolves roaming the Highlands again. But then I'm not a shepherd!
Interesting article


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10th Aug 2019
Re: Wolves?
Date Posted: 09.51hrs on Sun 18 Oct 15
I am not convinced. Deal with the many other problems first such as perilous state of the wildcat, red squirrel, high deer numbers due to "sporting" practices and so on.

It seems like a pipe dream. Also, I think the arguments are presented so poorly that we are decades from this.

Any ecological restoration needs to be accompanied by community restoration which is required due to years of managed decline through landlordism.

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Re: Wolves?
Date Posted: 21.22hrs on Mon 19 Oct 15
Wolves would cut down on the amount of deer getting stoned, if the daily mail and scootsman knew about the problems we have with deer getting stoned at this time of year they would mount a campaign to bring back the wolf!

But, if it means these over subsidized lazy fecking farmers getting more cash thrown at them then naw..

I can think of many benefits with bringing these back, but greedy farmers ruin it sad smiley

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1st Mar 2020
Re: Wolves?
Date Posted: 13.56hrs on Wed 27 Jan 16
How Wolves Change Rivers

This is exceptional!
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