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Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 16.38hrs on Mon 15 Dec 08
With Cairngorm stormbound today I went to see if I could catch a glimpse of the glens latest arrivals, two gorgeous Amur Tigers. The Amur Tigers (Siberian Tigers) are the largest big cats in existence today, and are on the critically endangered list with less than 400 in the world. The Highland Wildlife park has received these two recently and in my opinion are well worth a visit.

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Re: Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 19.47hrs on Mon 15 Dec 08
WOW smiling smiley

Beautiful, one day I hope there is no fences and they can roam as they wish, as soon as everyone learns to work together that is..

I could see myself chilling by the river watching them play one day grinning smiley

Peace smiling smiley


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Re: Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 21.31hrs on Mon 15 Dec 08
Stunning animals, I wonder what the Tigers make of Scotland dreich climate smiling smiley. I have been a couple of times to the park and I think another visit is on the cards. As for the no fences I would go for for the wolves but not sure about letting the tigers have a free roaming in Scotland


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Re: Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 21.44hrs on Mon 15 Dec 08

aye, great place, I love the snowy owls up by the tiger enclosure, and the eagle owls down the other end. for anyone local they do a "wildcard" membership card which gives a good discount on each subsequent visit. we go a few times a year at least. they're getting camels soon apparently. well worth a few hours visit



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Re: Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 18.48hrs on Wed 17 Dec 08
I think I'll have tae move up north one day smiling smiley

Have they any Brown Bears up there?

It wouldn't bother me coming across a tiger out in the woods one day,I'll be awright aslong as I could run faster than whoever is with me.. I do hope the wolves are let loose though, it'd be class tae hear them howl at night..


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Re: Amur Tigers in Strathspey
Date Posted: 01.11hrs on Thu 18 Dec 08
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