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16th Apr 2021
Re: An open letter to the new CEO of the Ski Club of GB
Date Posted: 12.04hrs on Fri 17 Jun 16
paraffin Wrote:
Loving this thread! 28 pages telling us all what we already know. One look at their current headquarters, especially image #6

A display of more money than sense? Glad its not my money.

What's the problem with image #6? The current SCGB headquarters was an astoundingly astute financial move. They sold the leasehold out early (order of single digit years if memory serves me correctly) on the premises in Eaton Square which enabled them to buy the current premises in Wimbledon freehold and have money left over.

What puzzles me is why they are looking to sell it in the first place. Not seen any communication to the membership as to the rational behind the decision to sell.
David Goldsmith

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Re: An open letter to the new CEO of the Ski Club of GB
Date Posted: 12.22hrs on Fri 17 Jun 16
No, not "single digit years". The previous SCGB clubhouse at 118 Eaton Square, Belgravia, was sold in 1997 ...

- The lease had an expiry date of 25 May 2024

- The then treasurer of the SCGB Fred Irish stated in the Club's 1997 annual report:
"Disposal of the Club's lease of 118 Eaton Square was completed on 4th April 1997. The net proceeds of 1,343,883 have been transferred to property reserve."

- The value of the White House (the SCGB's current HQ in Wimbledon of which it owns the freehold) was given as 1,444,392 in the 1997 accounts.

- The value of the building was stated in the 2013 accounts to be 2,266,174.

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