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Re: Exciting - Improvement works report at Glencoe & Nevis Range
Date Posted: 16.48hrs on Fri 28 Sep 18
01cookjk Wrote:

I think the Lecht came out on top as the best user of the units last season, they really went to town at the end of the season, using it as much as possible to keep their learner area open. I don't know yet if they are keeping it, but the summer jam session suggests that this is likely.

Their water storage system is also very probably the best in Scotland at the moment and probably contributed to their success.

The Lecht are keeping the snow factory. Their water storage tank is rather a symptom of not very friendly hydrology, any significant upscale of snowmaking is likely to require a reservoir somewhere further down by the road or pumping water up from a good deal further down.

That has been one of the factors in looking at the snow factory, because it means you can make some snow all the time instead of trying to make a lot of snow in a little time. The snow factory thus gets around some of limitations of water and electricity supply at the snowsports areas.

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