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Re: Advice for beginners in light of Cairngorm issues
Date Posted: 23.44hrs on Wed 12 Dec 18
Having someone who won’t be skiing in the group makes a base around Aviemore very attractive. For first timer young ones the Lecht can’t be beaten and with the snow factory the magic carpet nursery slopes should be in good condition, if the road is an issue the lower elevations of CairnGorm and Nevis should be good too.

Aviemore would place the Lecht and Nevis in practical day trip range and have CairnGorm on your doorstep. Assuming from OP that you’d be coming from the South so could end your trip with a day at Glencoe where as others have said there is now a fantastic mix of terrain.

Re: Advice for beginners in light of Cairngorm issues
Date Posted: 20.45hrs on Thu 13 Dec 18
About Glenshee, how is the snowmaking capacity there? They seem to be the only one not using/actively using snowmaking. You used to be able to see some snowcannons on the webcam (which is offline for....time) but always parked together at the baddoch down station, never in use.

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Re: Advice for beginners in light of Cairngorm issues
Date Posted: 20.44hrs on Fri 14 Dec 18
Thanks again to contributors for useful info. Good to hear Glencoe better set up than I thought as I did find it a particularly enjoyable area myself - would love to try it when it has top to bottom skiing available. But other benefits of site and area mean I'm still leaning towards Lecht/Aviemore for reasons Alan mentions (maybe grabbing a day elsewhere for myself on way home as I'll be driving back while rest of family fly south). Would be interested to try Glenshee, but a "things to do" search of area throws up fewer options than around Aviemore for the non-skiing half.

Also for anyone else interested I got confirmation from Lecht that will have to go with private lessons for a 4 year-old. Looks like none of the other resorts will take 4 year-olds in groups either.
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