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16th Apr 2021
Re: Portable skiing
Date Posted: 20.59hrs on Wed 17 Feb 21
growwild Wrote:
If anyone makes something it'd be cool tae see a diary of progress, recharging something like that on site would be a cool challenge too, we have plenty of wind and running water..

My gut feeling is just have spare batteries. I mean rugged easily changeable rechargeable batteries are something that have been sorted by the power tool industry for some time now.

Zoa PL1 is more the way forward than old style portable rope tows IMHO. Improvements in battery tech will only make it better as time goes on. It's one of those things where improvements in technology mean you need to stop and rethink what you are doing. Hauling a internal combustion rope tow somewhere is a lot harder than a 4kg device and a length of para cord.

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13th Mar 2021
What's this?What's this?What's this?
Re: Portable skiing
Date Posted: 18.08hrs on Sun 21 Feb 21
Thatís a pity ropetow. If you had lived near a suitable drift it would be a great way to beat lockdown.

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13th Apr 2021
Re: Portable skiing
Date Posted: 16.31hrs on Mon 22 Feb 21
A wise man once told me that 'the hills will still be there when you go back..'

Edit - this was in the context of turning back instead of carrying on in marginal conditions

Edited 1 times. Last edit at 16.32hrs Mon 22 Feb 21 by ropetow.

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Re: Portable skiing
Date Posted: 21.39hrs on Tue 2 Mar 21
I've been using a pretty decent impact gun lately with 4ah batteries, ive a feeling that'll pull most folk up a hill a few times if rejigged.

Solo I'd guess a few decent batteries would do a day,if theirs a group or yer staying for more than one day an alternative source of power would be handy..


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6th Apr 2021
Re: Portable skiing
Date Posted: 17.12hrs on Sun 7 Mar 21
PeterS Wrote:
Wow thatís lateral thinking! A stationary rope and powered clip.

What do you do when you get the top though? (the rope needs to be un-threaded from the portable tow)
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