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Posts: 3550
Joined: Oct 2005
Date Posted: 00.13hrs on Tue 1 Aug 06
Awrighty folks, a've stuck one a these things up. []

And a can tell u ma heeds pure bursting wi that html code gumf. Started yesterday wi not a skoobydo wit html wis, now a think am at the stage of hacking banks...

Got a vid up, n that Spielberg dude has awready been in contact wantin us tae sort oot his next Blockbuster filmed in Braeheed,

Indiana Jones and Temple of Ice:............

Things will change on it, hoping tae get a website up soon, we've been doin it for a year odd now, just shows how good we are!!..


Posts: 3550
Joined: Oct 2005
Re: Myspace
Date Posted: 16.14hrs on Fri 4 Aug 06
Cheers dude!

I have been learning about it this last week, its well hard!

Change one wee thing, n the whole page changes, hings were disapearing n aw that.
I stopped using ma brain in primary 7, so its been a challange.

Doug Bryce

Re: Myspace
Date Posted: 20.37hrs on Thu 10 Aug 06
A familiar bunch of faces there...
Bring on the snow. All that sitting in front of a pc's no good for ya!


Posts: 3550
Joined: Oct 2005
Re: Myspace
Date Posted: 17.01hrs on Fri 11 Aug 06
Awrighty ma man!!

Aye, ye probaly recognize a few a' our faces fae pornos!!!! lol

Nae word a' the Danger Team getting a site up then????????????

Yer right mate, this lack a snow is doin ma nut in, n so is this pc.. And so is ma burd, ma maw and the honking royal family!!!! lol

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