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Re: Nevis Range Snow 2015
Date Posted: 19.33hrs on Sat 18 Apr 15
Absolutely brilliant day full cover in backs with all gullies and slopes giving fantastic skiing .....a complete contrast to the front of the hill.

Snow on this side is in the sun from the start and was soft from the off.

Braveheart fired up and ran faultlessly till the end of play.

Sunday 19th is almost definitely the last day of lift assisted skiing so with this weather and conditions make the most and its only 25

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3rd Apr 2021
Re: Nevis Range Snow 2015
Date Posted: 05.19hrs on Thu 23 Apr 15
I was disappointed on my last visit to Nevis (Wed 8th Apr). There was a definite "can't be bothered" attitude. You get off the gondola into a scrap yard of lift parts... Not a good start. Next, the Alpha tow had a large grassy patch half way up. Nobody heard of getting a shovel and patching the up track ?. Next, two more un patched muddy stretches on the traverse to the Goose. The snow was frozen solid all morning but little had been pisted, just one narrow strip one basher width. The piste basher sat idly on the slopes for most of the day. Half an hour of effort would have transformed the runs. Theywere still charging full price but not providing full service in return.

Closing when they still have plenty of snow is also not a good sign.


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18th Mar 2021
Re: Nevis Range Snow 2015
Date Posted: 08.44hrs on Thu 23 Apr 15

Yes, I agree. We were there Thu 9th April. They were offloading on Alpha at Tower 2 because of the very small bare patch on the uptrack further up. 15 mins with a shovel would have sorted that out, giving much easier access to the Goose. As it was we all (little kids in tow) had to walk to Quad Chair. This only beacme apparent after we had first walked over to the Alpha, only to be told the Goose could not be accessed, therefore had to back track to gondola station and walk to Goose. Many others made this mistake, as no obvious signs or information was given when exiting the gondola.

Still had a good day though. But braveheart never ran all day because of an electrical issue ;-(


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22nd Dec 2016
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Re: Nevis Range Snow 2015
Date Posted: 12.00hrs on Sat 11 Jul 15
This one's not pretty I know but still more snow than you can shake a stick at in An Cul Coire which must be about the most accessible decent mellow white stuff out there right now.

5pm on 7th July and that funny light in the sky (top right) yes you've guessed it is the sun.

A few more and better Nevis pics here. []

Free the heel and free the spirit and all that shtuff winking smiley

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