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Re: Still have Your Winter Tyres On?
Date Posted: 01.30hrs on Fri 26 Oct 18
Always read that was a good easy engine swap for the mk3 and had its strong points too, the plan was tae find a decent cheap mk4 with that engine and break the rest after the mk3 was ready for an engine, found a mk4 that was advertised wrong and took it, actually liked it and then scrapped the MK3 shell that I'd spent a fair bit of time on and, still had a lotta hours left..

The audi is at stage 2, it was an angry dragon before I took it and had a few problems. It's been de-tuned and sitting around 260+ a 8p behind, tuners think they can squeeze more out it again with smoother healthy map now most the craps been sorted. They said it needs rods for a bigger turbo and that's what it really needs for fun and when I say 'get that exhaust tae fook' they start greeting. The S3 8l are getting rarer and its a clean car so it's off as one soon with a silencer and cat. Audi's suck incase anyone here wants tae buy it.....

I'll check out yer site, had a look last night on a few sites and landed on rtechs, I've a rough idea what I'll do now if I can can get shit cheap enough. Gonna buy one of they whitelines arb's to settle the golfs arse for now, decent price so cheers for that!


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Re: Still have Your Winter Tyres On?
Date Posted: 20.12hrs on Tue 30 Oct 18
So back on topic...

-4C this morning very early on....

Glad I got the winters on!

Also glad I made the screen wash stronger & also put rubber/trim stuff on all the door rubber seals as it stops them sticking too much.

---That was not a fall, I intended to do that!---
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